Born with a passion
for creativity

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legal expertise

We are a legal advisors firm
built on world-class expertise

Our lawyers have advised and evolved the successful Swedish creative industry for more than 30 years. We’ve never made it to the Billboard Hot 100 or sold out Madison Square Garden, but we stand behind those who do. Today and tomorrow.

By supporting them with intellectual property law, commercial negotiations, corporate transactions and protection of rights we enable their creations to grow. Simply put — we exist to accelerate and protect your passion.

Our offer

We offer industry-specific legal advice tailored for the media and entertainment industry.

Whether you are a creator, right-holder, investor or other commercial stakeholder, we help you develop, exploit and protect your business and intellectual property.
We support you in negotiations, transactions and in disputes in all your projects, through all stages of your career.
Commercial Agreements

We believe that legal excellence is best combined with a commercial and practical approach. Our focus is to help you ahead so that your creation, your idea, and your business can grow.

Copyright is our backbone.

We have decades of experience of advising on commercial contracts in the media and entertainment industry where copyright is the underlying asset.

We frequently advise on all types of agreements related to the industry, such as:

- license and assignment agreements;
- artist recording agreements;
- music producer agreements;
- live performance and tour agreements;
- management and agency agreements;
- merchandise agreements;
- format agreements;
- TV, film and theatre co-production agreements;
- distribution agreements;
- cast, crew and venue agreements;
- sponsorship agreements;
- publishing agreements;
- web site and app terms for content companies; and
- extensive right clearances for musicals, theatre and film.

Corporate Transactions

When it comes to sales and purchases of companies, assets, and catalogues, we can assist you with a deep understanding and experience of the commercial landscape specific for the media and entertainment industry.

We apply our industry specific knowledge in a wide range of corporate matters. We frequently advise on:
- sales and acquisitions of companies in the media and entertainment business;
- sales and acquisitions of rights including catalogues of master – and publishing rights within the music industry;
- financing of entertainment companies, projects and formats including film, musicals and live entertainment;
- specialized due diligence;
- shareholder and partnership agreements;
- joint venture agreements; and
- general corporate work including assisting in company formations, general meetings, board meetings and corporate governance.

Dispute Resolution

We advise on all aspects of dispute resolution relating to the firm’s areas of expertise, which includes intellectual property, media, and marketing litigation as well as all kinds of disputes regarding contractual matters.

We frequently provide advice, assist and represent you in early dispute assessment, arbitration, litigation, mediation and in alternative dispute resolution. Our contentious work includes advising on matters such as:

- Contractual disputes;
- Intellectual property infringements and license disputes;
- Marketing claim disputes;
- Disputes regarding trade secrets;
- Early dispute correspondence including cease and desist letters;
- Settlement negotiations;
- Royalty audits including notifications, analysis of claims, settlements and disputes; and
- Infringement in music including co-ordinating international disputes.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property lies in the heart of the Scandinavian economies. Its significance of today’s business life cannot be overstated.

With our clients’ business in focus, Ström advises throughout the whole life cycle of intellectual property. From identification, acquisition, and registration to exploitation, enforcement and divestments. We assist in a wide array of contentious and non-contentious intellectual property work including copyright, trademarks, domain names, trade secrets, marketing and image rights.

Our people

Staffan Boström

Partner | Advokat

Staffan has unparalleled experience of advising some of Scandinavia’s best-selling artists, songwriters, producers, independent labels, publishers and live entertainment companies. He is one of the highest-ranking legal advisors in the European music industry.

Staffan advises in commercial matters and is a leading corporate transaction advisor in company transactions, assets transfers and catalogue dispositions and acquisitions within the media, music and entertainment industry. He also advises in contentious matters and helps clients solve complex problems.

Before founding Ström, Staffan was a partner at Bird & Bird former Swedish law firm Gedda & Ekdahl. He was a court clerk at Solna tingsrätt and holds a LL.M. in law from Stockholm university.

+ 46 73 424 20 30

Jerker Edström

Managing Partner | Advokat

Jerker is a top-ranked lawyer within media, entertainment and music. He has worked closely with the Nordic music industry for over 15 years and continuously help clients navigate the highest level of international commercial success.

Jerker is a seasoned negotiator. He has vast legal and commercial experience from the music and entertainment industry. With a commercially mind and practical approach he represents clients throughout the value chain and helps them achieve their goals.

Before founding Ström, Jerker was a partner in the IP group at Bird & Bird, where he also headed the Swedish media and entertainment department, as well as the firm’s international music department. Jerker holds a law degree from Stockholm University and a LL.M. from NYU School of Law as a Fulbright Scholar. Jerker frequently lectures on intellectual property law and is invited as a speaker on commercial and legal matters within the entertainment industry.

+ 46 73 424 20 20

Emilia Hempel

Partner | Advokat

With strong analytical skills and a commercial approach, Emilia helps her clients succeed. She is highly appreciated by clients in both negotiations and in judicial proceedings.

Emilia represents clients in disputes, commercial and corporate matters. She frequently advises companies and creators within the film and TV industry. Having started her career working with corporate and private equity at Sweden’s largest law firm, she currently advises clients in the media and entertainment sector on financing, acquisitions, shareholder and partnership agreements.

Before founding Ström, Emilia worked as senior associate at Time law firm where she headed the media and entertainment group. She started her legal career at law firm Mannheimer Swartling and holds a law degree from Stockholm University (LLM). Emilia is a recurrent lecturer at the University of Uppsala.

+46 70 141 55 09

Emil Ödling

Partner I Advokat

Emil is a renowned negotiator and a top ranked lawyer within the field of intellectual property law. Knowing every angle of the industry, he is a trusted advisor to several award winning production companies within Scandinavian TV and film.

Emil also assists in the area of sports and has advised elite Football clubs and Ice hockey teams as well as national sport leagues and sport federations. He is a highly appreciated problem solver known for his business mind and responsiveness for his client’s needs.

Emil advises on commercial agreements and on employment law. Within film and TV productions he negotiates agreements relevant for all stages of film production, from option agreements, distribution and financing to agreements for cast and crew. In sport related matters he advises on player agreements, agreements related to media rights and all kinds of sponsorship deals. Within the field of employment law, Emil has over 10 years of employment law experience and has represented clients in a broad range of matters including union negotiations and in the Swedish Labor Court.

Before joining Ström, Emil was a partner at DLA Piper Sweden, where he headed the firm’s intellectual property group. Emil holds a law degree from Stockholm University and also a master in English. Emil is a speaker at sector events arranged by for example MediaXchange and other media industry consultancies and educators.

+46 73 270 62 40

Markus Boström


Markus specialises in copyright, media and entertainment law and advises clients in a broad range of commercial and corporate matters. He was recently named one of the “Top 20 under 30” talents by the Nordic music export offices.

Markus frequently advices on and negotiates all types of agreements within the music and entertainment industry. He also provides legal services to clients on a broad range of IP matters including commercial, strategic and regulatory issues. He assists in corporate transactions including purchases and sales of publishing and master catalogues.

Before joining Ström, Markus worked as an associate in the media & entertainment team at Bird & Bird between the years 2016 – 2018. He has also worked as a trainee at the Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM). Markus holds a law degree from the Uppsala University (LLM) and is a member of the Swedish Copyright Association (SFU); the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (SFIR); and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI).

+ 46 73 239 23 04

Malin Ekstrand


Malin is a senior associate with long experience of advising in intellectual property and commercial matters. In 2018 she was named one of Sweden’s “Next Generation Lawyer” by The Legal 500.

Malin is specialized in intellectual property law and negotiates commercial agreements, provides advice regarding copyright and marketing law, trademarks and domain names. She also assists in registration matters as well as in disputes regarding intellectual property.

Before joining Ström, Malin advised the music, media and entertainment business working as an associate at law firm Bird & Bird between the years 2011 – 2018. Malin holds a law degree from the University of Uppsala (LLM) and is a member of the Swedish Copyright Association (SFU); the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (SFIR); the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), and the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA).

+ 46 73 239 21 88

Sara Åsberg


Sara has in-depth experience from the entertainment industry having worked as a senior inhouse counsel at a major record label. In addition to advising on all types of music industry agreements, she also assists clients in corporate transactions and privacy law matters.

Before joining Ström, Sara worked as a legal counsel at Universal Music Sweden between the years 2010-2018, and as the Acting Head of Legal & Business Affairs during 2016-2018. As a senior in-house lawyer, she advised on a wide range of commercial and IP related matters, leading negotiations and counselling on matters of relevance to Universal Music Group’s Swedish and Nordic companies. She holds a law degree from Stockholm University (LLM) and is a member of the Swedish Copyright Association (SFU); the Swedish Association of the Protection of Industrial Property (SFIR), the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI); and The Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA).

+46 70 529 53 93

Astrid Wilson Roldão


Astrid works within all of Ström's areas of expertise. Astrid specializes in copyright law and advises on agreements within the music and film industry. Astrid also assists in disputes, transactions and in commercial and corporate
matters related to the media and entertainment industry.

Being a trained musician herself, Astrid shares the point of view of many of our clients.
Before joining Ström, Astrid worked as an associate in the IP group at Vinge law firm between 2018-2019. Astrid holds a law degree from Stockholm University (LLM), and is a member of the Swedish Association for Protection of Industrial Property (SFIR). Astrid also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies from Stockholm University.

+46 70 822 19 23

Valter Gran


Valter is an associate and specialises in intellectual property and marketing law. He advises clients on commercial and corporate matters relating to the media and entertainment industry. Valter also assists in various transactions including acquisitions of assets and catalogues.

Valter has a background as a professional musician and possesses a deep understanding of the music and entertainment industry.

Before joining Ström, Valter worked as an associate in the intellectual property, marketing, and commercial agreements teams at Vinge law firm between the years 2018–2019. He holds a law degree from Stockholm University (LLM) and is a member of the Swedish Association of the Protection of Industrial Property (SFIR).

+46 73 508 05 51

Isak Ring Broman


Isak is an associate and assists Ström's clients in all of our areas of expertise, including commercial agreements, contractual law and dispute resolution.

Before joining Ström, he was serving as a law clerk at one of the District Courts in Stockholm. Having worked in the judiciary Isak has experience from a great variety of legal areas including litigation, procedural law and civil law in general.

+46 72 389 17 12

Annli Blomberg

Office Manager

+46 73 239 22 55